The Elduaien Language Academy advises and helps companies to manage the training of their employees.  

The Elduaien Language Academy manages the courses subsidised by FUNDAE (previously Fundación Tripartita) regarding the training of employees

Elduaien: advice to companies in the management of training

What is subsidised training?

All the companies which pay a quota for the Professional Training Contingency Plan have an annual credit to be used for the training of their employees. The rebate for these training courses is obtained through a discount in the Social Insurance Contribution Slips (TC1).

How is a company’s annual credit calculated?  

The annual credit of each company is the result of multiplying the amount deposited by a company for Professional Training the previous year with a rebate percentage. This percentage is established on a yearly basis in accordance with the General State Budget Law and depending on the size of the companies. 

The formula applicable is:

FT (Further Training) credit = PT Quota the previous year x GSBL rebate % = euros+ additional amount PiF (Individual Training Leaves) = euros

The credit allocated to each company will act as a limit to rebates in its Social Insurance Contribution Slips (TC1).

The training courses must include the following features:

  • Maximum number of participants per group: 30.
  • Minimum duration of the course: 2 hours.
  • The participation of an employee in training schemes cannot exceed 8 hours per day.
  • Essential: Notify the R.L.T (The Works Council or the Personnel Delegate, if there is one) 15 days in advance
  • Inform FUNDAE at least 7 days in advance of the date each training group is due to commence.  
  • Participants must attend at least 75% of the course

What type of courses does Elduaien offer companies?

We organise language courses (English, French, German, Italian, etc.) in our own academies (14 centres in Gipuzkoa) or in the companies themselves depending on the needs and the level of the participants. Consequently, the duration of the course and of each session varies depending on the company.

Who manages these courses?

The company itself can manage its own credit but Elduaien offers this system of assessment and management free of charge.