A city with much to see, such as Stanley Park or Pacific Spirit Regional Park, where many species of small birds and mammals are to be found. And there are, of course, its famous beaches: English Bay, Spanish Banks, Wreck Beach, Jericho Beachand Kitsilano Beach, for example.

Living with a family learning English in Vancouver
english teenagers summer Vancouver Elduaien


7th July- 3rd August.
3 - 4 weeks.

13 - 17

With a family. Full board.

Social programme

Workshops working on about 4 different themes: Canadian traditions and culture, tourism and the eco system, the art and culture of the first settlers in Canada (First Nations) and outdoor activities: kayaking, climbing, camping orwhale watching.

Flights and transfers
Flights not included. Transfers included.

Enrolment deadline
Up to 4 weeks before departure date