Berlin is one of the most fashionable cities in Europe. It is young, modern and very active culturally.
Nowadays, it is a highly attractive destination for young professionals and artists who have revitalised different areas in the city centre giving it a clearly avant-garde touch.

Intensive German course plus work experience in Berlin
German course and work experience in Berlin. Elduaien


Available throughout the year.
10 - 48 weeks.

The German course
15 hours per week. The possibility of intensive courses.

Sharing a flat with Berliners.

Internship programme

Architecture, art and culture, business and administration, graphic design, law, marketing, tourism.
The minimum duration of the internship is 6 weeks.
We suggest a longer stay of between 8 and 12 weeks as in this way the company will invest more in your training.

Social programme

Cultural activities: Charlottenburg Palace and the castle’s beautiful garden.
Seminar: Art in Germany, ice hockey, cinema, Bode Museum…
Weekend trip: Schloss, Charlottenburg, Potsdam, Leipzig, Dresden…

Flights and transfers
Flights and transfers not included.

Enrolment deadline
Up to 4 weeks before departure date.