Are you planningan educational, enjoyable end-of-school trip? Have a look at our programmes for schools!

Language classes at the school.

Travel abroad for school students.

We also help educational centres to organise programmes abroad. We adapt to the interests of every centre when offering personalised programmes abroad, generally focused on deepening one’s knowledge of a foreign language..

These programmes have a limited durationof one or two weeks and students stay in the homes of local families.We organiseschool tripsto meet the requirements of each schoolaround three options:course together with cultural activities in another country, which would improve students’ use of the language. We also organise tripstolocal places of interestand the students will have free time to enjoy themselves.                                     

Immersion: we organise an immersion course in a school, where students participate in the everyday life of the school. In this case, besides practising English they get to see the education system of another country from the inside and experience how other students of the same age live.

Exchanges: exchanges can be made with another school in certain places. Thanks to this possibility,relations between the two schools can be strengthened, developing a common project. Each group of students from one school will go to the other school for two weeks benefitting from all the advantages that thisentails.