Learn, study and enjoy yourself in another country with people of your age!

Language classes abroad in group

Language: English

Every year we organise different programmes for groups in England and Ireland. The groups in question are small of about 10 to 15 students who travel with a monitor from Elduaien, who is available 24 hours a day to help the students in whatever they need. Thanks to the peace of mind that comes with travelling in a group and with a monitor, this is the best option for those who are travelling alone for the first time because young people feel protected by the group. At home and in the town centre you will meet Young people of your age and you’ll be able to go on practising your English out of the class. Students stay in a house with another person of their age but with a different mother tongue and they meet still more people in the groups with people of different nationalities. 

Our annual visit to Exeter has become something of a tradition. There are students who repeat the experience the following year and ask to stay with the same family with whom they have kept in touch the whole year. The free time they have and the varied programme organised by the schools enable them to enjoy the summer in a safe, English-speaking area

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