Young people (12–17)

Languages young people summer Elduaien

Languages for young people during the summer.

Learning the language while travelling on holiday is the best choice.

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Languages school year abroad Elduaien

Studying abroad during the school year.

A new experience, another culture and a different country. Change your routine and live the language while you study!

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Adults (18 or over)

Intensive language courses for adults. Elduaien

Intensive language courses for adults.

Living where they speak the language is the best way to progress and express yourself like them.

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Language intensive with working experience. Elduaien

Language learning with internships.

Improve your language skills while acquiring professional experience directly related to your occupational training.

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Language immersion for adults. Elduaien

Intensive language courses for professionals.

Improve your language abroad while studying in your specific professional field.

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Languages Intensive working au-pair or demi-pair. Elduaien

Au-pair and demi-pair language programmes.

The most economical, effective way of learning a language. If you like children and want to work with them while immersing yourself in another culture… THIS IS THE PROGRAMME FOR YOU!

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Travel with the family and learn languages. Elduaien

Travelling with the family and learning languages.

If you’re looking for a different programme for you and your family, you’ll love our special programme designed to get to know a foreign city while learning the language.

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