Nowadays, in the global world we live in, speaking a second language is not always sufficient.

Language courses such as: Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Dutch, Korean, etc.

Companies are increasingly valuing candidates who speak two or more languages as a capacity that makes them stand out in their curriculum. Consequently, companies tend to select candidates who speak more than one language.

If you want to be a competent professional, knowing a less common language can open many doors onto the labour market.

As well as offering you the opportunity to learn the most common languages in our environment, The Elduaien Language Academy also affords you the opportunity to learn other less common languages such as: Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Dutch, Korean, Bulgarian, Danish, Slovak, Finnish, Greek (modern and classical), Hungarian, Croatian, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish and Turkish.

If your problem is lack of time, apart from face-to face classes, Elduaien offers you online courses and classes via Skype in a comprehensive timetable.

Due to the low demand for these classes, if a group is formed, Elduaien offers you the possibility of private classes in a comprehensive timetable.

The characteristics that make our courses successful are detailed below:

  • A methodology which meets the student’s needs.
  • Dynamic teachers with wide experience.
  • Close monitoring of the student´s progress and continuous assessment.
  • A wide variety of teaching and learning resources.
  • New technologies applied in all classrooms.

Advice on language learning

If you need to develop a language plan for your company or conduct selection tests or if you are thinking of implementing a process of internationalisation we can offer you all the necessary advice.  

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Translation and interpretation

You don’t whether what you’re trying to get across is being fully understood? Avoid any misunderstandings. Our professional translation, interpretation and correction service will make you feel safe in the knowledge that your communication is correct and appropriate and understandable in any part of the world.  

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