If you need to have some knowledge of the language in order to pass an official exam and obtain a residence permit, Elduaien’s Spanish courses are your best option.

Spanish course, all levels to obtain your Official certificate

Spanish is the third most widely spoken language in the world, after English and Mandarin. It is spoken in Spain, the Caribbean Islands, (Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic), North America (Mexico), Central America (Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama) and South America (Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador). Furthermore, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States.

In general, nowadays, being able to communicate in Spanish has many advantages both on a personal level and in the working world.

  • It affords the opportunity of travelling and communicating in over 20 Spanish speaking countries. 
  • The language is of vital importance in the business world. 
  • It broadens employment opportunities and is an added value on curriculums. 
  • It is necessary for obtaining the Spanish residence permit. 
  • It helps you to delve into the culture and the language of the country as well as facilitating the learning of other languages. 

The Elduaien Language Academy employs a dynamic, effective methodology in the teaching of Spanish.

The Elduaien methodology is innovative and, apart from training in all aspects of the language, it guarantees the quality learning needed to obtain official certificates.

The characteristics that make our courses successful are detailed below:

  • Individualised learning approaches
  • A methodology which is adapted according to the student’s needs. 
  • Dynamic teachers with wide experience.
  • Close monitoring of the student´s progress and continuous assessment.
  • A wide variety of teaching and learning resources.
  • New technologies applied in all classrooms.

Find the SPANISH LANGUAGE COURSE you need in whichever ELDUAIEN ACADEMY suits you best

Courses for children (between 3 and 10 years of age)

Thanks to Elduaien’s dynamic and participative methodology, the learning of the language is not only effective but also fun.

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Courses for adolescents (between 11 and 16 years of age)

Through oral activities and game-oriented situations, adolescents naturally assimilate the structures of the language while maintaining a high degree of interest and motivation at all times. Close attention is paid to oral expression and pronunciation using subjects of interest to them with a view to improving their communication level.  

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Courses for adults (18 years of age and over)

These courses are for adults, the majority of whom are foreigners, and their aim is to help students to cope in the society in which they live, therefore, they are clearly functional, based on situational activities and complemented by a deductive approach to grammar.  

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Spanish certificates

Official Spanish certificate. Spanish classes to obtain the certification.

The DELE Spanish Diplomas are official titles which accredit the degree of competence in the Spanish language and are awarded by the Cervantes Instituteon behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Cultureand Sport.

There are 6 levels: DELE A1, DELE A2, DELE B1, DELE B2, DELE C1, DELE C2.

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