Elduaien has been offering language training over the last 50 years. As well as small groups and flexible timetables, we offer a wide variety of languages and levels with a view to meeting the needs of all our students.

We have a wide offer of languages at your fingertips:
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Korean, Bulgarian, Danish, Slovenian, Finnish, Greek (modern and classical), Hungarian, Croatian, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish and Turkish...

Language experts

In order to be able to guarantee quality language training, we seek and design the most advanced methodologies which best suit the student’s needs.

The best centres and installations

Throughout Gipuzkoa, the Elduaien Language Academy has 11 centres near the centres of the towns they are situated in. They are fully equipped with the latest technology and all classrooms are connected to the Internet.

Over the last few years, and at the forefront in its use of technological advances, we have gradually included multimedia content in our usual training process. Nowadays, all the classrooms in all our centres are fitted with the latest multimedia equipment together with Internet connection with the aim of achieving more interactive and dynamic classes.

Qualified teachers

Our teachers are qualified professionals and have the certification of excellence in the language.

They are experienced teachers who are prepared to respond to the students’ needs. To this end, the Elduaien Language Academy offers them a continuous training programme via periodical training activities.

We have over 100 teachers who are constantly renewing their skills and knowledge of languages and keeping totally up to date with current methodologies.