Elduaien Language Academy 

The Elduaien Language Academy started out in 1970 under the supervision of its director, Joxe Mari Elduaien. At that time, he realised the importance that knowing languages would have in the future and he then took on the challenge to make language learning accessible to the vast majority.

He started teaching in his own home in Tolosa and, as he had predicted, more and more people began to understand the need to learn English for their studies and in the world of work and he soon proceeded to look for larger premises in order to be able to accommodate an ever-increasing number of students.

And so, in 1986, he opened up a centre in the Avenida de Navarra together with a group of teachers full of enthusiasm.

The number of students continued to grow and, in 1989, he decided to open a third centre in Tolosa in the Cuesta del Conde, which today has the largest number of students.

The following year, anticipating the importance that languages were beginning to take onin the business world, he began to give classes in companies, which would become one of the most important branches of his activity.

At this time, in the 90s, the Elduaien Language Academy fulfilled its dream of reaching a large number of students and opened up its first centre outside Tolosa, in Lasarte-Oria and not long after took a great leap forward opening up its centre in Ondarreta, the largest of the four centres now situated in San Sebastián.

Due to the growing demand for language learning, particularly among children and young people, the Elduaien Language Academy began to give classes in schools as an extracurricular activity. And nowadays, we work in many schools collaborating in the training of students.

We later decided to extend the offer of learning languages to smaller towns and, in 1997, we opened up a centre in Urnieta and centres in Alegia and Villabona in 2000.

In 2004 the second academy in San Sebastian was opened up in Intxaurrondo and in 2009 the fourth academy in Tolosa was opened in the town centre in Gorosabel Street.

In 2011, the Elduaien Language Academy turned towards the highlands of Gipuzkoa (Goierri) to set up a new centre in the Avenida de Navarra in the town of Beasain and in 2012, the third centre in Intxaurrondo in San Sebastian.

In 2013 we moved the Villabona academy to the centre of the town so that it would be more convenient for students and, in September 2016, we opened up a centre in Andoain.

In the summer of 2019, we opened two new language schools, one in the San Sebastian neighbourhood of Gros, and the other in the centre of Irun, thus achieving our long-awaited goal of offering our services from one end of the province of Gipuzkoa to the other.