A way of reinforcing the language out of school time but without having to move from the school.

Extracurricular language classes

Since 1999 we have been organising extracurricular language classes in school centres. These are language classes given in the school itself and outside school hours at midday and in the evening.

These classes are for school centres and parents’ associations that want to offer their students a quality service so that they may reinforce what they learn at school and improve generally.

Extracurricular language classes are given at different academic levels, from Primary School to Secondary School or Intermediate Level Vocational training.

LANGUAGES: English, French, German.


  • Reinforcement of what the student has learnt at school.
  • In the short term and the medium term, there is an improvement in the level of understanding and expression.
  • Small groups receiving quality teaching which intensifies active participation.
  • Classes are given in the school centre itself and so, as well as saving time, students will be in the same educational environment in which they study during the rest of the day and with access to the centre’s resources. 
  • Consequently, students are offered an added advantage for their professional and social life.