In this course, you will learn to use adequate language and speaking techniques in order to produce work- related presentations.

Starting date: 14th December         Ending date: 15th February

Schedule: Saturdays 9:00-12:00

Duration: 24 hours

LocationElduaien-Irun. Jose Ramon Agirretxe Alkate Jauna Plaza 1-3

Telephone: 654 51 44 52 



General objective 

Be able to prepare and give presentations in English in a fluent manner while strengthening and perfecting one’s oral language skills

Specific objectives:

  • Be able to present one’s ideas clearly and effectively
  • Be able to convince foreign audiences or interlocutors.
  • Summarise and present ideas, data, and information in a simple and coherent format.
  • Develop a good command of non-verbal expression


  • Public speaking tips and tools.
  • Personal presentations on given concrete topics.
  • Self-control in public speaking.
  • Body language.
  • Description and interpretation of charts and diagrams.
  • Strategies for effective conclusions.
  • Question and answer session management