We offer you four different types of courses online with the aim of taking full advantage of the course: General English, Academic English, Exam Practice and Business English.

English classes online

We offer all levels from A1 to C1, general English, preparation for exams, academic English and business English.

General English: Our courses observethe Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and therefore, you can quite easily study any text bookor work on the 4 language skills for extra practice

Academic English: The main aim of these courses is to develop the students’ skills in such a way that they are capable of taking notes and doing a critical reading, among other things, while working on their English. Students can get to know the most important aspects of study at a foreign university. 

Exam Practice: When preparing for exams, apart from practising certain skills, it is important for students to have as much practice as necessary. With our online courses, students will come into close contact with the exam structure which will give them the confidence necessary on the day of the exam.

Business English: this type of course is aimed at busy professionals who wish to study the English of the business world on their own account. Using situations from daily life, you will work on skills for success in business meetings, presentations and visits, obtaining the security of being able to develop communication without difficulty.