Summer courses

Learning the language while travelling on holiday is the best choice.

English course teenagers Summer Ireland Elduaien


Start learning, improve, and practise your English in Ireland this summer. A unique experience for our children.

English course teenagers Summer UK Elduaien

United Kingdom

Summer English class for young people between 12 and 17 years of age. Study of English and numerous other activities.

English course teenagers Summer USA Elduaien

United States

Travel to the United States, a one-of-a-kind experience allowing our children to start learning and get better at English.

English course teenagers Summer Canada Elduaien


English classes in Canada. Family homestay plus one thousand and one activities to practise English and have fun in the process.

school year in English New Zealand Elduaien

New Zealand

Get better at English in New Zealand. The best present we can give our children. They will attend classes at a local High School for two or three weeks between the months of January and November.



A great opportunity for the young people who love sports and want to study at a local high school to get to know such a beautiful country as Australia.

French course teenagers Summer France Elduaien


Practise and improve French while enjoying surfing, tennis, and other activities. The best option for your children this summer.

German course teenagers Summer Germany Elduaien


A great opportunity for your children! Travel to Germany to practise and improve the German they already know as well as to learn a lot more. We bet they’ll return more proficient.

Summercamp León

Summercamp León

A good option for the children who want to learn English and enjoy a campsite with a wealth of fun activities within easy reach.


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