If you need to develop a language plan for your company or conduct selection tests or if you are thinking of implementing a process of internationalisation we can offer you all the necessary advice.  

Language training plan in companies

We help to manage all the processes entailed by language training in your company:

  • In the language plan to be developed.Once the level and the needs of your company are determined, we propose a training plan adapted to each individual or group. 
  • In the level tests and selection process. We organise level tests both for employees and new candidates in order to assess each person’s knowledge of the language in question. 
  • In the assessment of communicative skills. We analyse the use of languages in internal and external relations and design specific plans to improve communication processes.   
  • In internationalisation processes.We give companies advice on linguistic aspects for which they must be prepared during the process and we prepare them to work with confidence using another language or in another country so that they are prepared to relate to people of other cultures.