Do you need to prepare yourself in a language for your job post? Stop repeating the same old courses and go for our specially designed courses in order to work on the specific language skills needed in your job.

Language courses for companies with objectives

These are courses specifically designed to work on the language skills required by the job post.

1.  Language courses on customer service (available in English, French or German) 30 hours.

The aim of the course: To solve in an appropriate, correct, fluid manner situations arising regarding customer service in the language chosen and paying close attention to the four basic language skills: the oral and written comprehension and oral and written expression generated by the activity. 

2. Language courses on management assistance (available in English, French or German) 60 hours.

The aims of the course: To interpret information in the language chosen, speeches, forums and other business-related events, mediating on behalf of management with the aim of carrying out pertinent communication processes. To interpret business and technical documents which may sometimes be extensive and complex but are related with management assistance activities, to be able to identify important details in order to help in decision making.

3. Language courses on Marketing and international sale of goods (available in English, French or German) 100 hours.

The aims of the course: To interpret information in the language chosen arising from discussions easily and quickly, to speed up processes and improve relationships with customers/suppliers from other countries in person or by telephone.To interpret and produce documents which are typical in international trade extracting the relevant information for subsequent processing and decision making in operations carried out with international customers/suppliers. 

4. Language courses oncommercial activities (available in English, French or German) 90 hours.

The aims of the course: To acquire the knowledge necessary for carrying out sales activities such as customer service, sales techniques and written business communication in the language chosen.To know the vocabulary, basic syntax rules and spelling necessary to be able to draw up documents and complete forms related with commercial activities in different languages.

5. Professional courses for tourism (available in English, French or German) 90 hours.

The aims of the course:

  • To interpret oral messages of medium complexity in the language chosen expressed by customers/suppliers with a view to offering appropriate service, obtaining customer satisfaction, making sales and exchanging information with professionals from the same sector.
  • To interpret documents of medium complexity written in the language chosen in order to obtain information, process it and take the necessary action. 
  • To express oneself clearly when speaking to customers and suppliers in the language chosen in person or by telephone.
  • To produce in the chosen language written documents of medium complexity necessary for the performance of the job in an effective manner and to guarantee the agreements typical of the job, using an extensive vocabulary related with the student’s professional environment. 

To be able to communicate spontaneously with customers and suppliers in the provision of tourist services.