A course with a practical approach for participants who intend to develop didactic material in English and use it in their classroom, monitored by a highly qualified teacher of English.


English classes for professionals

Objectives for the course:

  • Recognition of different styles of communication and how to improve understanding and build rapport with others.
  • The role of body language and voice tone in effective communication.
  • Communication of the message (oral & written language) in an effective and engaging way for the recipient.
  • Development of didactic material for teaching in their centre and for use in their own classes with guaranties of linguistic quality.
  • Design of personal material through the use of the latest technological applications, facilitating the teaching of content, and making classes more fun and effective.
  • Consolidate the linguistic level of the participants: increase confidence, understanding of individual strengths.

 Addressed to:

Professionals of education who teach their subjects in English in schools and vocational training centres.

Requirements to be fulfilled by the participants:

B2 or C1 level in English


  • A course with a practical approach
  • Each participant will develop their own didactic content
  • The opportunity to develop material produced using various digital tools for a later use.
  • Whilst simultaneously, each participant will consolidate their English level.

 Dates, timetable, length of the course:

  • Starting date: 24/02/2018 – Ending date: 23/06/2018
  • Time: Saturdays 09.00-12.00


Elduaien centres in Tolosa and San Sebastian



B 2/C1 level student of English according to the European Framework of Languages (description)

Module 1

  • Factual writing
  • Terminology for current methodologies
  • IT resourses for searching for information in English
  • IT applications for presentations
  • English dictionaries online

Module 2

  • Distinction of the individual sounds in English
  • Connected speech
  • Stress-timed languages
  • Common mistakes
  • Tricks on pronunciation for non-natives

Module 3

  • Structure of a successful presentation
  • Voice tone and projection
  • First impressions and building rapport
  • Body language.
  • Active listening