HAEE-IVAP: certificate Basque Language Profile

This is the certificate which is required ofpeople who work in public administration to accredit their capacity tocarry out their workin Basque. HAEE-IVAP is responsible for defining the content and the format of the tests regarding linguistic profiles and for awarding the certificates when students have passed the exams.
There are two ways of verifying linguistic profiles: through the tests that the public administration itself establishes in selection testsfor the various job posts and the exam sessionsthatIVAP organises for public administration employees to obtain the different certificates.  

  • Linguistic Profile1. (PL 1): is equivalent to level B1 of theCommon European Framework of Reference for Languages.  
  • Linguistic Profile2. (PL 2): is equivalent to level B2of theCommon European Framework of Reference for Languages. 
  • Linguistic Profile3. (PL 3): is equivalent to level C1 of theCommon European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • Linguistic Profile4. (PL 4): is equivalent to level C2 of theCommon European Framework of Reference for Languages. 
  • Linguistic Profiles of the education system: they are aimed at teachers in the Basque public education system. They are divided into two levels: PL1 (level B1) yPL2 (level B2).

In the assessment of linguistic profiles, the four language skills are assessed: oral and written comprehension and oral and written expression. The student must pass the four parts in the same exam to meet any of the profiles.

Before the exam,a preliminary admission test must be passed. In order to be able to sit the PL exams, the student must have a minimum knowledge of Basque, which will be measured by the admission test. 

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