If you need to prepare executives and professionals quickly for them to handle international business situations, our short seminars will give you the results you’re looking for!  

Language workshops for executives and professionals

We design training seminars for executives who have little time but need to work on the skills needed to express themselves and understand others in specific situations, perfect their vocabulary, expressions and strategies.

We have different options to offer:

  • Business seminars: Monographic courses which are interactive and dynamic focus on fields related with business matters. Included among the seminars available are Presentations, International Negotiations and Meetings.
  • Seminars dealing with specific skills: their aim is to improve the professional’s capacity to cope in a multicultural, multilingual environment. Based on the latest concepts and tendencies in certain specific subjects, the seminars enable the company to train their employees in English in areas such as project development, speaking in public, financial and legal language and the language used in administration, management and human resources.