Learn a language, live the adventure of your life and make Friends in a foreign country!

Language Abroad: English French German

Learning languages will appeal to you more than ever thanks to the summer courses that we have organised. You will have the opportunity to assimilate the language by getting to know new people and having new experiences 

The programme for Young people is very varied and it is designed so that they may learn while, at the same time, having an unforgettable experience.In the mornings, they attend classes of the language they have chosen together with young people from other countries. The classes are fun, which makes it easy for the students to communicate and relate to each other. In the afternoons, they do all types of activities with local monitors: sport, games, trips, projects, etc. 

We have different options for our young people who are travelling abroad.  Apart from the language and the country, you can choose the type of accommodation that best suits you. We also have programmesof total immersion in the language without attending classes. What will your next adventure be?